Supporting the Dharma Network

One day Ananda, one of the Buddha’s closest disciples, said to the Buddha, “Lord, I think that half of the Holy Life is spiritual friendship, association with the lovely.” And the Buddha replied, “That's not so; say not so, Ananda. It is not half of the Holy Life, it is the whole of the Holy Life.”

These words are the inspiration behind the work of the Northwest Dharma Association. We, the volunteers who make up the board and staff of NWDA, are fostering spiritual friendship across traditions. We are creating a larger sense of community and connection among Buddhists in the Pacific Northwest. We are bringing Buddhists together in order to increase the richness and depth of the Dharma.

Your active participation in this process is what makes this possible.

Our website, our events, and the NW Dharma News are possible now because of the generosity and wise intentions of those who have come before us. We are enjoying the good fortune of many people's vision, hard work, and commitment to this non-sectarian journey. In order for us to continue this work in the future we need the support and generosity of our community.

Donations that you offer today will be used to carry our work forward into the future and provide opportunities for community and connection for years to come.

Your generosity is greatly appreciated and will be used to nourish the three jewels of Buddha, Dharma and Sangha, for all Buddhists in the Pacific Northwest.

It is easy to give. You can give through our secure donations page by clicking here, either as a one-time gift or to set up a monthly pledge amount. A very important source of support comes from people who give each month. A donation of as little as $5/month is greatly appreciated.

We hope that your practice of dana will include a gift to the Northwest Dharma Association.