Alison Deane, MS
is a counselor and consultant ([email protected]) in Portland, Oregon.
Rick Harlan
is an eclectic Buddhist and long-time bastion of the Seattle chapter of the Buddhist Peace Fellowship.
Jacqueline Mandell
is a Buddhist Meditation Teacher. She is Executive Director of Samden Ling in Portland and a board member of the Northwest Dharma Association.
Juli Goetz Morser
is a freelance writer who lives on an island in Puget Sound with her husband and daughter. Juli is a member of Nalandabodhi Seattle and keeps an ear out for the voice of her own rebel buddha.
Lisa Perry
is a Buddhism student from Australia, currently halfway through a six-month stay at Sravasti Abbey. A former journalist, she hopes to ordain in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition.
Bill Spangle
has been active at Kagyu Changchub Chuling for 30 years. He was the construction manager for the retreat land project from 2001 to 2005 and is now an associate teacher at KCC.
Nick Vail
is current president of the Northwest Dharma Association. He is also Program & Outreach Manager at Nalanda West, Seattle.
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Dora DeCoursey, Caterina De Re, Jacqueline Mandell, Jeffry W. Myers, James Prouty,  Marc Sakamoto, Nick Vail, Courtesy of Sravasti Abbey.
Cover Photo: Tamera Weikel.
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Caterina De Re, Amy Groncznack, Timothy O’Brien, Julie Welch.
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