David Berrian
is a full-time bureaucrat with the City of Seattle, a part-time filmmaker, an occasional economist, and a member of the Buddhist Peace Fellowship for several years.
Bill Hirsch
is a priest in the (Chinese Hua Yen/Pure Land) White Cloud Buddhist Society and one of the founding members of EcoSangha Seattle. A freelance writer who travels widely in Asia, he serves as Secretary on the board of the Northwest Dharma Association.
Arthur Longworth
is a Dharma practitioner and essayist who is serving a life sentence in the Washington State Reformatory in Monroe, WA.
Jacqueline Mandell
is a Buddhist Meditation Teacher. She is Executive Director of Samden Ling in Portland and a board member of the Northwest Dharma Association.
Dick O’Connor
is President of the Northwest Dharma Association.
Chuck Pettis
is Co-Executive Director of Sakya Monastery of Tibetan Buddhism and creator of Earth Sanctuary. Founder and president of BrandSolutions, Inc., he has long been an avid designer and builder of environmental artworks and is the author of “Secrets of Sacred Space”.
Adrianne Ross
is a guiding teacher for the British Columbia Insight Meditation Society. A retired family physician, she teaches meditation and mindfulness-based stress reduction classes in Canada and the United States.
Tim Tapping
has been a Buddhist since 1993, a member of Sakya Monastery since 2001, is on the Board of Advisors, and loves introducing people to Tibetan Buddhism and the Sakya heritage. He serves on the board of the Northwest Dharma Association.
Nick Vail
is Immediate Past President of the Northwest Dharma Association.
Julie Welch
is a former president of the Northwest Dharma Association and current editor of the NW Dharma News.
Kevin Farias, Kathy Forsythe, Joel Fraser, Rick Harlan, Rachel Lewis, Jacqueline Mandell, Julie Welch, Jason Wirth, Wonderlane, and courtesy of Earth Sanctuary.
Cover Photo: Gretchen Graber.
Julie Welch, Summer 2011.
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