Northwest Dharma Association Income, 2010

NWDA 2010 Annual Report

The Association took a very important step this year in defining more precisely how we accomplish our mission of “supporting Buddhist teachings and community.” Our activities fall into three categories:

  • Buddhist Resources
  • Regional News
  • Collaboration Across Traditions

Here is what we did in 2010:

Buddhist Resources

We provided resources primarily through the NWDA website, Besides the general information on the site, our directory offered listings of each of our member groups with links to their websites and emails, plus a Google Map system that helps users locate Buddhist centers and activities in their geographical area. Our calendar of events continued to be an important source of listings of classes, retreats, and other events throughout the region.

Regional News

For over 20 years, the Association has published the Northwest Dharma News. The News, which became an online publication in the fall of 2007, published four issues in 2010. The News has gone from a bi-monthly to a quarterly publication due to limited resources of volunteer time and money.

Collaboration Across Traditions

Supporting information sharing, cross-fertilization and collaboration among the Mahasangha is what makes NWDA unique. The Association sponsored or co-sponsored four collaborative Mahasangha events in 2010. (Click on links to read more about the events.)

Family Dharma Conference, January 22 & 23

Annual Gathering 2010 on theme of “Birth, Death, and In Between”, February 20

Prison Dharma Conference, June 4, 5, 6

Teachers Meeting, October 2

In addition, in the past year the Northwest Dharma News featured articles on the environment, prison dharma, arts and science, family practice and other topics of common interest and concern, fostering communication among diverse Buddhist practitioners and non-Buddhists as well.

Our online Teachers Forum continued to allow teachers to speak with one another as peers about their issues, ideas, concerns.


Northwest Dharma Association Expenses, 2010

The Board

Board member terms begin in June each year. New board members elected or appointed to serve starting in June 2010 were Ven. Thubten Chonyi, Ruby Grad, Jacqueline Mandell, Tim Tapping, and Lisa Gardner. They joined continuing board members Dh. Avichala, Caterina De Re, Bill Hirsch, Jeff Kerr, Koro Kaisan Miles, Dick O’Connor, and Nick Vail.

At its meeting June 13th at Bodhi House in Olympia, Washington, the board elected the following officers to one-year terms for 2010-2011: Nick Vail, President; Caterina De Re, Vice-President; Jeff Kerr, Treasurer; Bill Hirsch, Secretary. Julie Welch is Immediate Past President.

Volunteer Staff

Volunteers perform almost all of NWDA’s work. David Forsythe, volunteer Office Manager, handles most of the Association’s administrative tasks. Julie Welch is volunteer Editor of the Northwest Dharma News. Timothy O’Brien continues as Project Coordinator. Since July 2010 he has been serving in a volunteer capacity.

Board members and other volunteers perform all the other activities of the Association including contributing to the News, planning and conducting events, strategic planning, outreach and public relations, etc. NWDA’s only contracted service is the graphic production of the News.

Financial Information

In 2010, NWDA had income of $29,139; higher than 2009 by $3,532. Donations accounted for this difference. Total expenses were $15,871; lower than 2008 by $9,402. The difference was due to the position of Project Coordinator becoming a volunteer. The net result was an increase in reserves of $12,934.

Direct donations accounted for 48% of revenue, individual membership for 19% and member group dues for 36%; the remaining 10% came from website advertising.