Northwest Dharma Association president, Nick Vail.

Northwest Dharma Association president, Nick Vail.

President’s Message:
On Togetherness and Outreach to NWDA Member Groups

On the eve of our annual NWDA Teacher's Meeting, held in Portland, Oregon this year, I recall the work of all of the dharma teachers who make the teachings of the Buddha accessible and relevant in our own time and language, but also, the great efforts of administrators, organizers, and volunteers who support the teachings here in the Pacific Northwest.


NWDA is composed of member groups, individual, and teacher members. We (and that includes you) are the threads that weave together the fabric of this special organization of Buddhists in Alaska, Yukon, British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana.


The NWDA Board is devoted to connecting with our member groups because NWDA is all about networking—for everyone’s benefit. Over the last few months some of you reading this have probably met one of the board members in person or have received a phone call from one of us.


This is all part of the stewardship endeavors of NWDA. We want to be a strong voice and activity hub for Buddhist teachings, in all their myriad forms, lineages and traditions. The NWDA Board is listening to you and learning more about your efforts and wishes. What a network we have!!!


As a 100% volunteer organization, NWDA can only be what you bring to it. As you read this, know that many hands and hearts contributed not only to this article or edition of the news (including your own!), but also to bringing peace and healing to a world in need now more than ever before.


I hope that you will continue to support NWDA, joyfully give in our fall appeal, and rejoice in everyone’s efforts in embodying the teachings of the Buddha in our modern world. I am happy to be here with you.

—Nick Vail, NWDA President

Recurring Donations: We Express Our Gratitude

A number of loyal supporters of the Northwest Dharma Association have chosen to donate on a regular basis either through workplace giving plans or monthly credit card donations.

We are extremely grateful for your support.

These regular, dependable donations are a critical component of our very modest income. Arriving monthly or quarterly, these gifts—many in small increments—really add up.

Like many non-profit organizations, we will soon be launching our annual fall request for your help in supporting the work of the Northwest Dharma Association.

Please consider making a commitment to an ongoing, regular donation. A small monthly contribution of even $5, $10, or $20 a month makes a big difference for us.

You can find more information about how to donate to the Northwest Dharma Association here.