Cheryl Buchan
is a board member of Rigdrol Dechen Ling and has been involved in their activites for 17 years. A mother of four and grandmother of one, she practices body therapy full time in Whitehorse, Yukon.
Candace Davis, Kathryn Hunt, Larry Keil, and Emily Warn
are veteran members of Three Treasures Sangha.
Caterina De Re
is an interdisciplinary artist and scholar who integrates Buddhism in performance, composition and multi-media. She was introduced to Theravadan meditation in the 80’s and later became a follower of Tibetan Buddhism in the Kagyu and Nyingma lineages. She is current vice-president of the Northwest Dharma Association.
George Draffan
is a former president of the Northwest Dharma Association. Founder of Natural Awareness, he teaches embodied Buddhism in the Seattle area.
Paul Gerhards
is a member of the Upasika Program at Portland Friends of the Dhamma. He is author of Mapping the Dharma: A Concise Guide to the Middle Way of the Buddha and owner of Parami Press, publishing books from a Buddhist point of view. His blog is When This Is, That Is.
Bill Hirsch
is a priest in the (Chinese Hua Yen/Pure Land) White Cloud Buddhist Society and one of the founding members of EcoSangha Seattle. A freelance writer who travels widely in Asia, he serves as secretary on the board of the Northwest Dharma Association.
Jacqueline Mandell
is a Buddhist Meditation Teacher. She is Executive Director of Samden Ling in Portland and a board member of the Northwest Dharma Association.
Sharon Owyang
is a writer, producer and Shambhala Buddhist practitioner who lives in Los Angeles.
"Eddie Peavey"
is the nom de plume of a Northwest Buddhist and 12 Step practitioner.
Tim Tapping
has been a Buddhist since 1993, a member of Sakya Monastery since 2001, is on the Board of Advisors, and loves introducing people to Tibetan Buddhism and the Sakya heritage.
Julie Welch
lives in Seattle and is immediate past president of the Northwest Dharma Association.
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